From Sri Lanka to Winston-Salem  

This is one of the questions I get asked the frequently; "how in the world did you end up in Winston-Salem?"

I will address that entire sequence as I continue to build this site. It is a real long story and definitely re-inforces the "serendipity " part of my life.

I discovered Winston-Salem by chance, driving down old I-40 in July 1977, on my way to Atlanta. I just happened to see the skyline from the highway and thought it was a nice small town and wondered what it would be like to live here! Several hours later I was in a meeting with my employer at the time and due another set of circumstances related to my employment with their company, I was asked if I wanted to move to Winston-Salem. I thought for a minute and said "sure, why not?"

And that was it. On my way back to Cary, where I lived at the time, I stopped in Winston-Salem, went by the old Chamber of Commerce building on the corner of Coliseum and University, picked up an apartment guide and went looking for apartments. I ended up picking Country Club apartments, managed by Nell Davis, placed a deposit on a single bedroom apartment and planned to move here in the middle of August.

There are days you never forget and Tuesday, August 16, 1977, was the day I moved to Winston-Salem; this was also the day Elvis Presley passed away. I missed one of his concerts by one month!

35 years later, many things have happened  and there is more to be accomplished. 

I continue to "discover wonderful things by accident."

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