George H. Pingho                                                      

Primary Objective:  

  • Do what God wants me to do.
  • Take care of my family
  • Have a little fun!

Professional Objective:

Leading People - Managing Resources: Excellence in performance, combining my experience and background in management, human resources, sales, marketing, information systems and general business administration.

I have been in the workforce since 1975 and have been part of our community for the past thirty three years. My business experience ranges from:

  • Principal/CEO of a consulting company from 1982 to the present, specializing in:
    • Small business start up, corporation set up, accounting, legal
    • Business plans, project management
    • Equipment purchase, leasing, factoring, business financing
    • Real estate, purchase, sale, financing, leasing, site selection
    • IT evaluation, hardware, software,  recommendation, sourcing, implementation
    • Advertising – campaigns, promotional items
    • Marketing – product development; from concept  to manufacturing, distribution
    • Audio video,  publishing projects – hard copy, e-books, audio/video books  
  • Direct sales, Retail operations
  • Petro/C-store management – multi-unit management  and administration
  • Principal/CEO/Loan Officer of a  mortgage company for fifteen years
    • High quality, personalized service
    • Currently manage a broker operation; residential and commercial loans

Over the last five years we have fine tuned our operation as a boutique firm; all business is derived by referral only. We have maintained the core strength of the capacity and capability to handle company specific objectives, from small to large business operations. This gives us the advantage of being able to execute in a timely and cost efficient manner. The level of engagement is need-based and scalable with resourcing and out sourcing options.

The client base we  work with represents every demographic and  socioeconomic group in local, regional, and international markets. We enjoy the inter-personal aspect of engaging with individuals of all types and backgrounds during and after the project or task is completed.

My wife and I have been married for thirty two years. We are blessed with four children and two grandsons. My personal interests are rather diverse; reading, writing, singing, photography, public speaking, fund raising, auto racing, aerospace, farm machinery, etc.

What we bring to the table is a well rounded  working background with the ability to visualize the objective and then find a way to be part of accomplishing your vision. We will be glad to engage at a personal or company level. We can find you "creative solutions for you or your company so you can make practical decisions" to get to the next operating level or objective.  


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GHP Consultants, Inc.

....I look forward to being part of wherever this phase of my life may lead....