Audio Book Projects

In The Garden
Written by George Pingho
Narrated by Bob McHone 
Sound and Music by Steve Dowd
Directed and Produced by Paul Jordan
Cloud Level Productions LLC  
Part One: I Come to the Garden Alone

Part Two: He speaks and the Sound of His Voice

Part Three: I'd Stay in The Garden with Him

Part Four: I Came to The Garden with Him

This chapter is one of many in my book, a work in progress. I began writing during my first dialysis session on August 23, 2005. Four hours per session, three times per week for two years - this was my escape from the harsh reality of what I was dealing with at the time. I had time to reflect on songs that had nurtured, enfolded, guided and touched my life in different ways at various points in time. These songs were a integral part of my life and there was a story attached to many of them. 
Thanks to Bob McHone - my dear friend and narrator, to Steve Dowd - my talented musician and singer friend who added the dimension of music, to Paul Jordan - my producer and director friend who guided me and helped me bring this to life; these gentlemen showed up at the right time and place in my life and volunteered their services to help me just when I needed it most.
I am truly grateful to the man who was the inspiration for the story, my father-in-law and best friend, Sammy Sherrill.
Above all, I thank God for allowing me to share something special with the rest of the world. There will be more chapters to come; I realized that waiting to complete an entire book was possibly asking for too much considering the major health issues I have endured. But through it all - there has always been and always will be -

                                        A Song in My Heart.
 (c) 2010 All Right Reserved